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Jumat, 08 April 2011

Make Account on Gmail postheadericon

Diposting oleh Suradipa Bisnis | Pada 01.30

The easiest way to have a Google account is to enroll into google mail id (gmail), in addition to functioning as an email account will automatically become your google account. Try this way to register:
- Open your browser program, such as Mozilla Firefox or the Google crome
- Run the URL or
- Click create acoount
- Change language Change Language column in Indonesian ... This is only to facilitate your process in making a google account.
- Fill out the registration form.

In the process of registration form will appear: Secret Question which is a Gmail ID security facility that is you create questions and answers that of course you yourself should be aware both options.
What is the function of the questions and answers for you ...? If one day you forget your Gmail account login password then you can certainly request a password by entering your questions and answers for the first time when making your gmail account earlier.
So my advice take note of the questions and answers that you created in a particular book for you are able to avoid the disease not forget ... hehehe.

Verify Google Account:
As a precautionary measure I was irresponsible and validity of the data you submitted, Google will ask you to verify your account through the phone number in the following ways:
1. Define the verification option with a text message (sms)
2. Determine the State in Indonesia option and enter your cell phone number
3. Click to send verification code to my phone
4. Wait a few moments and you will receive a short message containing the verification code
5. Enter the verification code into the Enter Code window.

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