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Jumat, 08 April 2011

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Diposting oleh Suradipa Bisnis | Pada 01.46

If you already have a gmail email id other than the Andapun not need to create a new gmail id in order to make a Google account. How you can do is as follows:
1. Just click the URL
2. Fill out the form as you will see later .. almost the same way as you create a gmail account but here there is an option where you will be asked to fill in your previous email id.
For the next step is the same as you did when you create a new gmail account verification. Enter your phone number then you akn sent the verification code. Once you get a verification code and you've entered the code then Andapun google account has been active.

My Account page there are 3 parts:
1. Profile of the data yourself your Google account
2. My product contains all the Google products that you use
3. Try Something New contains other features which you can try to use.

Completing your Google Account information:
To complement the data yourself a Google account, you can click Edit Profile to supplement the data yourself or replace your profile picture change by clicking the photo.
How to replace a photo with a photo of your profile:
- Click edit profile
- Click Change Photo
- Determine where you will find your photos ... could from the drive on your comp
- Your Photos from My Computer (click Browse) and please select the image you like
- Crop images to fit the size of the image profile in your Google account
- Conclude with Click Apply Changes.

Good luck

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