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Jumat, 08 April 2011

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Google Chrome is one of the options that you can use as a vehicle in your browsing on the internet. As with its predecessor programs certainly Google Chrome browser also offers the advantages that can be found as well:
- The speed in displaying the site and run a complex web application.
- Simplicity of view that is practical and efficient in its use.
- Security because it comes with internet phishing protection and sophisticated to keep the browser and the computer is always in a state safe from the criminals computers (viruses, malware, spyware etc.)
- Other very useful features such as: chrome extensions, themes etc..

With this simple I think Google Chrome is perfect you use for your convenience in browsing without the accessories that would sometimes interfere with your browsing convenience.

How to get Google Chrome browser program:
- Download the program at the url
- Run your browser program before
- Entry into the site with the link above
- Click the Download Google Chrome
- Click the Approve button, then Install
- Wait for the download to finish

Install Google Chrome:
- Click on the folder where you save the program you download
- Double-click ChromeSetup.exe
- Wait for the install process online
- Click the Start Google Chrome.

Getting to know Google Chrome:
Before you use would be nice if you know more about the parts that exist in the browser program on this one:
- Back & Forward: navigation button to display the returned sites that you have ever visited.
- Reload This Page: button to refresh the web page you're visiting when things get bogged down in browsing
- Home: open a default site from Google is
- Bookmark This Page: automatic button that you can use to store your favourit alamt site or sites you will visit again later. The advantage in using the Google Chrome bookmarks is that you can create a category in a folder that you can certainly set yourself according to your own choice.
- Most Visited: contains the address of sites you visit most often
- New Tab: Opens a new page in the Google Chrome window by clicking the + button above the tabs that are active.
- Control The Current Page: contains processing tools such as a website address: Cut, Copy, Paste, Save Page As, etc..
- Customize and Control Google Chrome: the menu of the Options, History, Bookmarks Manager, etc..

By using Google Chrome you will be very watered down to search the website address quickly. Suppose you want to open the site
You can type in part address the site using the 3 ways:
- Do a search (Search Engine) by typing in keywords
- Displays forecast the full site address associated with that address
- Do a search using key word prediction with the relevant site

If you want to complement your browser then you can add extensions by going to the url

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