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Jumat, 08 April 2011

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Would you have a fast acces in browsing ..? You will definitely want to try one of the alternatives .. yes you can try is to use iGoogle. The function of iGoogle is to facilitate you in prioritizing your surfing in the sense you can adjust the list of web sites that you frequently visit and of course there are many features and advantages offered.

Opening the iGoogle homepage:
To get to know about iGoogle then please log into your Google account and then open a new tab and go to the google site
Then click the iGoogle link on the top right of the page Google will be your iGoogle page.

IGoogle Function:
iGoogle is a fast site access from your Google account with the features of Google and other Internet services are placed in one page iGoogle.
One example is the use gmail component that allows you to control the development such as incoming email directly to your email account from your iGoogle page.
Another plus is that you can customize your iGoogle theme ... if you love music then you can perform searches that match the theme of your iGoogle page and you can simply replace it with your new theme.

Additional components to your iGoogle:
If you do not find component (gadget) of Internet features that often do you use then you can add your own gadget that you want ... like the example you very often use social networking sites like facebook then you can add the gadget up to your iGoogle page.

The good news is you can open and view these gadgets caption or by looking at the ratings and the number of users. So my advice use a gadget that many users.

Gadget on your iGoogle can be classified into 3:
1. Gadget from google that does not require configuration
2. Gadget of tau RSS Feed link that requires no configuration because it only displays the source content from your iGoogle
3. Gadget of the application with a security password that needs to be configured as up.

To activate facebook gadget on your iGoogle page:
- Click the Login button to Facebook
- Enter your id and sign FB
- Provide access approval iGoogle Client to access your Facebook id
- Go back to your iGoogle page and up you have been active.

Gadgets on your iGoogle settings is very easy ... you just need to click the icon gadget that you want to slide the position ... then move the icon into the position you want the gadget will automatically occupy his new position. So it is with deleting certain icon then right click on the icon and then klikn Delete this gadget.

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